Late Sunil Kumar Sinha

The legacy of Late Sunil Kumar Sinha, our revered Founding Father, remains a cornerstone of our company's identity. Sunil's unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit were instrumental in shaping our humble beginnings into the thriving business we are today. His visionary leadership set the course for our journey, and his commitment to excellence continues to guide our every endeavor.

Sunil's principles and values remain deeply embedded in our company culture. His legacy serves as a reminder that success is not just about achievements, but also about maintaining the highest ethical standards. As we continue to grow and innovate, we do so with the utmost respect for the foundation he laid, ensuring that his spirit lives on in every aspect of our operations.



Binay Prasad

Binay Prasad, our esteemed Mentor, brings decades of experience to the table. His profound insights and strategic acumen have played a pivotal role in charting our company's course to success. With a background steeped in industry knowledge, Binay has proven to be an irreplaceable asset in shaping our vision and nurturing our team.

Known for his exceptional leadership skills, Binay has consistently guided us through challenges and opportunities, making his contributions indispensable to our growth. His ability to navigate complex scenarios while maintaining a keen eye on innovation has propelled our company's evolution. With Binay's mentorship, we're not only achieving our goals but also setting new standards of excellence in the industry.



Mrs. Sangeeta Sinha

Mrs. Sangeeta Sinha, a dedicated Founder and Director, brings decades of expertise in agriculture and food industries. She passionately uplifts women through her involvement with NGOs and self-help groups, aiming to integrate them into mainstream society.

With exceptional management and communication skills, Mrs. Sinha strives to positively transform lives around her. Her firm belief in empowering women fuels her commitment to creating a better society through education and engagement.


Mr. Sangeet Sonal

Mr Sangeet Sonal, a skilled entrepreneur and leader with a prestigious law degree holds a prominent position as the executive director of the company he founded. As the Chief Executive Officer, he passionately oversees not only the board's decisions but also actively engage with the company's operations to ensure every product aligns with the company's vision. His hands-on approach encompasses day-to-day leadership and strategic management, in line with board-approved objectives and risk appetite. Even in his spare time, he remains devoted to self-improvement and indulges in reading books.

Mr Sangeet Sonal's unique blend of legal expertise, entrepreneurial spirit, and visionary leadership drives the company towards its goals while fostering a culture of excellence.